Decorating Tips for Summer

Decorating summer tips

Decorate with bamboo blinds for a lighter look.


You can easily create a wonderful and refreshing change to the d├ęcor of your home with our decorating tips for summer.
Bring the summertime in your cottage home with some great decorating tips for summer. You can go all out with plenty of new accessories and maybe even a few pieces of furniture, or you can make a few subtle changes that are simple and inexpensive to do. Whether you choose to change every room in your home or only one or two areas, our tips will get you started. Spend an afternoon creating a new look!

Curtains are a must when you want to give a new look to a room. You’d better replace those heavy drapes with sheers or bamboo blinds for a lighter look.
Take a look around the living room and think about how long have those accessories been there. Why not purchase a few new items that echo the theme of summer, like ocean scenes, flowers, etc.? Swapping out accessories is a great way to change up a look without spending a lot of money. Purchasing a few throw pillows can also change a room’s look in just a few seconds.

The dining room is easy to update with a breezy look as well. Put away that heavy tablecloth, and replace it with a white or cream tablecloth or runner. Add a simple glass bowl of lemons as a centerpiece, or place fresh flowers in a vase every few days.

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