English Cottage Spa Bathroom

  In these crazy days, a popular decorating trend is to create a spa-like atmosphere in your… [more]

English Cottage Spa Bathroom English Cottage Spa Bathroom

Late Spring Flowers

May is the traditional month of flowers and the height of color in the yard. This is the time to get… [more]

Late Spring Flowers Late Spring Flowers

Outdoor Dining Accessories

Alfresco dining is popular because it's so simple. Just set up a table and chairs outside and let nature… [more]

Outdoor Dining Accessories Outdoor Dining Accessories

Glittering Cookie Ornament

There are so many decorative and creative fun Christmas craft ideas for kids. Christmas is a time of… [more]

Glittering Cookie Ornament Glittering Cookie Ornament

Best way to clean laminate floors

Laminate floors, increasingly popular for household and to upgrade old cottages, have the look of expensive… [more]

Best way to clean laminate floors Best way to clean laminate floors

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds come in a variety of styles and can make an elegant addition to any bedroom. The accessories… [more]

Canopy Bed Canopy Bed

Mid-Spring Flowers

Daffodil: These are the glory of the mid-spring blossoms. Large, late varieties like King Alfred and… [more]

Mid-Spring Flowers Mid-Spring Flowers

Mini Snow Globe

This frosty fellow, encased in a gift jar and propped on a sugary slope, makes a cute little display.… [more]

Mini Snow Globe Mini Snow Globe

Feng Shui Kitchens

Feng shui principles dictate that your kitchen is the heart of your home. The Chinese placed the kitchens… [more]

Feng Shui Kitchens Feng Shui Kitchens